Master the Links with Lexus

There is no better sound in golf than a 4-iron nipped off a tight lie, with a brisk wind carrying the skylarks’ song across the dunes and the waves breaking in the distance. Links golf makes you glad to be alive.

I’ve played in three Opens and eight Senior Opens, and the highlight was a practice round at Muirfield with arguably the best links player ever, Tom Watson. What did I learn? Absorb your surroundings. Take in the lie of the land, the wind, even the tides…

Trump Turnberry is one of the most iconic links courses in the world. Who can forget the Duel in the Sun? Or Watson’s march at history in 2009? Or Greg Norman’s incredible second round 63 in 1986, when the rest of the field (including me!) struggled to break par in the wind.

In the videos below, I’ll show you how to tackle some of the challenges links golf throws up. We did it on the reborn Ailsa course and, as you can see from these pictures, the changes are sensational.

Tee Shot

At the iconic new par 3 9th hole at Trump Turnberry, Andrew Murray demonstrates this tough Tee Shot with a 3 iron.

Chip & Run

At the 9th hole at Trump Turnberry again, Andrew Murray discusses and demonstrates choosing the right club for this chip and run shot.

Driver Shot

At the 10th hole, Andrew Murray demonstrates a driver shot using a 3 wood. Utilising the wind, Andrew tee’s the ball high and shows how to use balance and stability to execute this shot, with advice on different conditions.

Greenside Pitch

Using his Cleveland 54˚ wedge, Andrew uses the slope and wind to his advantage to achieve this pitch shot.

Long Putts

At the picturesque 10th hole Andrew continues his links golf master class and demonstrates this long putt, giving advice on handling the shape of the green and the effect of the wind conditions.

Pot Bunker

In this video Andrew shows there is no need to be intimidated tough pot bunker shots. With commitment to a full swing, an open face and firm footing, you too can splash the ball out and on to the surface of the green.

Short Irons

Choosing a “chippy” 7 Iron for the swing and taking account of the strong cross-wind, Andrew shows the importance of keeping control of the trajectory for this shot.

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